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Peperomia Marble, baby marble rubber plant for sale, green door garden
Peperomia Marble, baby marble rubber plant for sale, green door garden
Peperomia Marble, baby marble rubber plant for sale, green door garden

Marble Baby Rubber Plant, Peperomia Marble

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The baby rubber plant, or Peperomia obtusifolia, is an easy-going, beautiful plant. The white variegation resembles marbling and gives this plant its striking, unique look. This pet-friendly plant is a perfect gift for pet owners who also want to become plant parents. You will love this plant in your home or office space. Your semi- succulent baby rubber plant will stay happy in medium light and weekly waterings. 


  • Pet Owners
  • First Time Plant Parents
  • Unique Plant Gifts
  • Housewarming


  • South America


  • Medium indirect light to bright indirect light
  • Can survive low light 
  • No harsh direct sun


  • Once or twice a week. Once during cooler months, and twice a week during the summer months. 
  • Allow the soil to partially dry before watering


  • Your normal home humidity!


  • The baby rubber is not toxic to cats and dogs, however keeping plants out of reach of children and pets is the best policy. 

Our pledge to plant a tree for every plant purchase ensures we do our part in protecting the planet. Gift yourself and gift the earth.

Plant comes with a detailed care card. All items are shipped on Mondays or Tuesdays to allow for maximum continuous transit time while avoiding time spent sitting in warehouses, trucks, or distribution points over the weekend.  


Customer Reviews

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My first plant died because of the stressful trip but they sent me a new one, free of charge, and this one is much better! They are wonderful too because they checked back in on how my plant was doing. They are very caring and wonderful! Thank you!!!


Very well packaged & arrived safely. This little plant lost a leaf or 2 after arriving, but it's really opened up since acclimating to our home. It looks great. I looked at several shops before choosing this one & I would definitely recommend this shop & their plants.