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Beautiful palm

Beautiful palm! Shipped across the country basically and survived the journey! They are also super helpful with care tips if you message :)

Boxes of Joy!

I signed up for the mini air plant subscription. It was a wonderful thing to look forward to each month and I now have a coat rack covered in happy plants. Highly recommend.


Delivered in good shape. One day in sunlight and perked right up. Happy purchase.


Beautiful Braided Dragon Plant

I am so excited to have a new plant. Latifah was so helpful with explaining how to take care of my Braided Dragon Fingers when I went to go pick it up.


My first plant died because of the stressful trip but they sent me a new one, free of charge, and this one is much better! They are wonderful too because they checked back in on how my plant was doing. They are very caring and wonderful! Thank you!!!

5 stars

ZZ Plant

ZZ Plant

Sent beautiful, lush, healthy plants. I couldn't be more pleased. Highly recommend.

Golden Pothos

The plant was great. And customer service was great as well. They reached out to me when I had concerns about shipping and how long it was taking (even tho it wasn’t their fault) The shop sent me a tracking number and told me where it was and when it would be delivered!

Vary nice moss ball, much pleased

Great communication from seller. Love my adorable starfish plants!

Healthy plant and well packaged !!

Very nicely packaged and healthy Marimo Moss Balls. They shipped quickly.

Very well packaged & arrived safely. This little plant lost a leaf or 2 after arriving, but it's really opened up since acclimating to our home. It looks great. I looked at several shops before choosing this one & I would definitely recommend this shop & their plants.

Very well packaged & arrived safely. This little pothos has really opened up since acclimating to our home. I looked at several shops before choosing this one & I would definitely recommend this shop & their plants.

Happy plant mom

Lovely little shop. Got some cute little plants to keep that aren’t super high maintenance. They still look beautiful. So friendly and helpful as well, and she even does pot replanting once they have outgrown their containers. Get your plants here!

It was smaller than I expected but lush

We have loved our monthly subscription box so much! All of the plants have been great and the field trip for my kiddo to go pick up our order is always fun. We love seeing the new inventory and chatting with the owner and her sister. Amazing family, wonderful business. I highly recommend!

So far I've gotten a baby monstera plant, a lemon surprise dracaena, and the hoya kerri plant. I cancelled my other plant box from another company bc the price is much more affordable here. Will update after my next couple of boxes!

Love my string of hearts and love this shop!

Very healthy and unbearably adorable! They came well packaged and weren't dried out at all.

Great communication! Answered all of my questions and the plants arrived in great condition because of all the care that went into packaging/ shipping. I highly recommend this shop and the great plants!! :)

Not worth the price

I recieved this small dracaena, which was in very good condition, shipped well, and looks very healthy. My issue, for almost 30 dollars I expected something a bit better. This plant was literally 5 to 7 dollars at Lowe's. I do feel a bit ripped off. I don't think I'll be a repeat customer due to that issue. With that being said, it was a very healthy plant.