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marimo moss balls, moss ball pets, large moss balls online, green door garden
marimo moss balls, moss ball pets, large moss balls online, green door garden

Marimo Moss Ball

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Marimo moss balls are not truly moss, but species of freshwater green algae! These aquatic plants are charming and known as charms of good luck and everlasting love. 

Fun Fact: Marimo comes from a Japanese word loosely translated as “water plant that's kind of like a bouncy ball.”
The Myth: Marimo moss balls are attached to the Japanese legend of two lovers who fell in love but had their love forbidden. The lovers then jumped into the waters of Lake Akon and their hearts turned into Marimo moss balls.
Marimos are perfect additions to freshwater aquariums or any glass container. Rotate periodically to maintain spherical shape. Your large moss ball comes moist in a plastic bag, place in water immediately after arrival. 


  • Loved Ones 

  • First Time Plant Parents

  • Low Maintenance 


  • Japan, Iceland


  • Medium indirect light to low indirect light

  • No harsh direct sun


  • Keep submerged in distilled or filtered room temperature (or colder) water.

  • Change water once every 2 weeks


  • The Marimo moss ball is not toxic to cats and dogs, however, keeping plants out of reach of children and pets is the best policy. 

    Our pledge to plant a tree for every plant purchase ensures we do our part in protecting the planet. Gift yourself and gift the earth.

    Plant comes with detailed care card. All items are shipped on Mondays or Tuesdays to allow for maximum continuous transit time while avoiding time spent sitting in warehouses, trucks, or distribution points over the weekend.  

    Customer Reviews

    Based on 4 reviews

    Very healthy and unbearably adorable! They came well packaged and weren't dried out at all.

    Moss Ball

    Order came so quick & the little guy was packaged to be protected from the elements and I was nervous because it’s super cold here. Thank you!

    Marimo Moss Ball

    Ordered a Marimo Moss Ball for my aquarium recently. A lovely addition, that my snails are really enjoying as much as I am. It came very healthy and exactly as described! It was packaged very nicely, and shipped very fast! Though I live semi-local, it was really nice to be able to have plants delivered right to my door while still supporting local businesses. Thanks so much for my beautiful moss ball. I will be adding more plants to my office very soon!


    It was smaller than I expected but lush